Are you thinking about your New Year goals? Please dont.

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At sunrise, when the streets are empty, it is easier to notice billboards around the city. There are very few fellow drivers around to force me to test my mindfulness acumen. (Incidentally, it fails every test.) They are most likely snoozing their alarm clocks as they dream about new year goals of rising early for the launch of their wellness routine. [Unapologetically snide interjection.] It is just me and my mindfulness dream, my country music, and the yellow-red skies welcoming a new day. As Jimmy Buffett reminded me that only a fine line separated Saturday night (club) from Sunday morning (church), I noticed giant billboards announcing: WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU. The print was too small to read which public entity was here to serve me. But apparently it was.

It so happened that this new service declaration came the day after I spent a number of wasted hours at the Land Department trying to get some paperwork done. I didnt feel anyone was there to serve me. I was there to serve them justify their 8-hour work day and wages, as they served the computerized systems installed to serve the electronic government goal set a number of new years ago.

Dont worry. This is not a public rant. Rants have not served us. Neither has our e-government goal, which has added another service layer to the endless numbers of signatures to validate every simple request. Or service intentions set for the sake of the billboard. Or new year resolutions made every year around the same time of Jimmy Buffett-style Saturday night indulgences to justify questionable (honestly, gluttonous) addictions.

This is an invitation to consider changing the approach. One day at a time.

The idea that there is a goalis wrong. We are the goal; we are always peace. To get rid of the idea that we are not peace is all that is required. Ramana Maharashi

I am not sure when the separation took place and the lofty goals and ideals became the elusive finish line. We have become enslaved to our goals and the shaming spiral that inevitably ensues. Education has been reduced to standardized tests and university acceptances. The process LEARNING has become irrelevant and often a distraction and obstruction. The result is an exhausted generation of goals-chasers robbed of truly LIVING, athletes forced to compromise well-being for the competition and the trophy platform.

Whoever touted the Fake it till you make it motto was mistaken. Unless one feels peace in ones heart, no amount of affirmations or giant billboards blinding us at every corner can bring us peace, love, and service. (Mala beads, Alo leggings, nose rings, and braids dont either. Trust me, I have tried.) I am enough only when I let go of the feeling of lack in my heart. I am love when I embrace inclusion and compassion for every being on the planet in every cell in my body [including the ones that test my zen-ship” at the Land Department.]

If we are not invested in the process, we will never truly make it, no matter how good we are at faking it. We will continue to begin every year with our neatly faked resolutions that last a few weeks only to make their way into our bedside drawers for the next year when the goal takes too long to attain or require too much effort like waking up at sunrise to read billboards.

What if this new year our kids go to school for the sake of learning, we work for the pleasure of service, pray for the solace of Grace, and love for the joy of connection? What if we rise in health and walk in power, right now?

In that reality, we will not need billboards to remind us public servants are here to serve us and affirmations we are abundant. In that world, we are in service to one another. All the time.We are health. In every step we take. We are love. In every connection we make.

You have a right to your actions,

But never to your actions fruits.

Act for the actions sake.

And do not be attached to inaction.

Self-possessed, resolute, act

without any thought of results,

Open to success or failure.

Bhagavad Gita (2.47-28)

Happy new year.


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  • Paola says:

    Well said – our unhappiness comes from not attaining our expectations. If we dont have any, and just enjoy the moment, we will live a more content life…

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