Knowing my "why" has shown me "who" I really am. And that has brought meaning and purpose into my life.
معرفة "لماذا" اعمل ما اعمل أظهرت لي من أنا حقاً. وهذا ما جلب لي المعنى والغرض في حياتي

What, how, & most importantly? why?

My work is guided by the intention to inspire compassionate living. Through compassionate living practices including yoga, meditation, whole plant-based nutrition, writing, and conversation, I hope we can inspire one another to activate and access our innate, infinite power. I am a yoga teacher (E-YT 200, YT 500), Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate graduate, completed (June, 2017), T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell, writer, and podcast host.
My “what” is Sacred Activation Yoga (SAY), a spiritual and athletic practice that is the vehicle toward a higher physical, spiritual, and mental existence. Since 2015, I have undertaken more than 1100 hours of Sacred Activation Yoga training and have been sharing my practice with over 2000 hours of teaching. My “what” is also whole food plant-based nutrition, the safest, most complete natural nourishment lifestyle for a healthy existence.
My “how” has taken me to formal teacher trainings, studio classes, private classes, and community centres and NGOs, sharing the magic of living the path of yoga. I am a casual athlete, a firm believer that everyone at any age and physical state can find fulfillment and benefit from a committed practice. The foundations include breath, flexibility, mobility, and strength training: the bedrock of a healthy, balanced body. As my body ages, I am not ashamed to admit that it is not about the 6-pack and qualifying for the circus. It’s about energy. Once energy flows, alignment, balance, strength, and stability naturally unfold.
As for my “why”…
My life has been blessed: a liberal upbringing and education that are also firmly rooted in Islam and Arab culture. My background, education, and role as a mother of 3 girls, wife, daughter, and sibling come together seamlessly to illuminate my compassionate path. The personal growth, fulfillment, inspiration, and empowerment I experience fuel the sense of urgency to share with the world, so that everyone – regardless of age, body size, faith, or gender- can too find a safe, inspiring, power-generating practice that will guide them to the fountain of resilience, strength, balance, and alignment. Once this gate is opened, the universe moves to support one’s efforts to live in a state of homeostasis and health.

عملي نشر الوعي حول مفهوم العيش الرحيم. من خلال الممارسات اليومية التي تجسد هذا النهج بما في ذلك اليوغا والتأمل والتغذية النباتية والمدونة والمحادثة، لعل وعسى نتمكن من احياء وتفعيل قوتنا الفطرية اللامحدودة. 

فبمجرد تدفق الطاقة بدون معوقات، يعود الجسم للعمل بشكله الطبيعي بقوة واتزان وصحة. ونعود لحياة سليمة، وهادئة، ومنتجة وخلاقة تبني عالم صحي متجدد عنوانه البساطة والاستثمار بالحياة.

انا معلمة يوغا، بخبرة اكثر من ١٨٠٠ ساعة تدريس. كما انني حاصلة على شهادة التغذية النباتية الخضرية من مركز ت كولين كامبل لدراسات التغذية (جامعة كورنيل)، وماجستير دراسات صحفية من جامعة ويلز.