Wear flats. They will keep you on the dance-floor. Forever.

الحذاء المريح يبقيك على حلبة الرقص. للأبد.

DISCOVER... inspiration for a life in body, in power, in light, and in spirit



Inspired by life. Sometimes funny. Often cynical. Always from the heart.
مدونة مستلهمة من حياتي. بعضها مضحك. اكثرها ساخر. كلها من القلب



Extraordinary conversations with ordinary folks to inspire and provoke.
احاديث من القلب وقصص ملهمة



Our face-to-face, human community where we meet monthly to discuss a variety of themes.
مجتمعنا اللي بيجمعنا لمناقشة مجموعة متنوعة من الموضوعات



Nourishment includes feeding the body, soul, and mind. Harming no living being. In harmony with nature.

تشمل التغذية تغذية الجسم والروح والعقل. وبدون إيذاء أي كائن حي وفي تناغم تام مع الطبيعة

It is really about tasting inner peace and radiating that experience. Eventually, we begin to heal ourselves and the world around us. That is the essence of compassionate living.

My work is guided by the intention to inspire compassionate living. Compassionate living for me is the choice that recognizes we are connected to the earth and all living beings. These connections thrive on our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Through simple, whole-hearted practices including yoga, nutrition, writing, and conversation, my hope is to activate our innate, infinite well of wisdom, power, and healing.

عندما نتذوق السلام الداخلي، نزهو من هذه التجربة، ونبدأ لاشعورياً في شفاء أنفسنا ومن ثم العالم من حولنا.